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Individuals pictured:
Hannah Freeman
Ellie Dassler
Marina Schlosser
Brendan Boylan
Rahul Truter
Dana Moore
Devika Shankardass
CC Bishop

Individual pictured: Ravynn Stringfield

Individuals pictured:
Hannah Freeman
Ravynn Stringfield
Ari Weinberg

BSO Lounge.PNG
African American students in the 1970s gathered to hang out and share their experiences in this space.

These pictures depict the difference between white and black education at the start of the 20th century. Although the educational standard was “separate but equal,” the building of the Black school lacked even basic resources compared to the…

Branch Out 2018

This editorial from the Flat Hat (William & Mary student run newspaper) prompted the temporary suspension of the paper from publication, according to a 1985 publication called The Black Presence at William and Mary. Editor-in-chief Marilyn Kaemmerle…

Submitted on October 17, 1973, this summary of Affirmative Action initiatives at the College provides a thorough look into the attempt to stimulate a higher minority influence on campus, specifically in the faculty. From the first section,…

These letters highlight the correspondence between Miriam J. Carter, a female African-American teacher, and faculty at William and Mary regarding her admission for graduate study. The entire exchange includes over 12 letters sent between June and…
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