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Commissioned by the Society of the Alumni and transferred to the Earl Gregg Swem Library


800 Students Sign Poll

Approximately 800 students signed a statement of interest concerning the College's admissions policy which has been circulating around campus for about a week. In signing, the students expressed the opinion that the College…

Pg 2 The Flat Hat Vol 7 Issue 18.pdf
Truly the South has on her hands a real problem. This problem lies in the one question; namely, what shall we do with the negro or better still what shall we do for the negro. This question has been before the face of the humanitarians of the South…

Taking candids of the Legacy 3 walking from Blow Hall to Wren.

This 1963 enrollment report from the Stella Neiman papers (a Williamsburg City Council member and Williamsburg-James City County Schools Board member) showed the current and projected enrollment of white and black students from grades 1-12 in…

Submitted on October 17, 1973, this summary of Affirmative Action initiatives at the College provides a thorough look into the attempt to stimulate a higher minority influence on campus, specifically in the faculty. From the first section,…

Transcription: "ARE WE GOING COLOR BLIND? No question of the present generation is of such vital importance to the white race, or so dependent upon education as a remedy as that of the amalgamation of the two races who have lived side by side in one…

Individual pictured: Ravynn Stringfield

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