Affirmative Action Report, 1973

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Affirmative Action Report, 1973


Submitted on October 17, 1973, this summary of Affirmative Action initiatives at the College provides a thorough look into the attempt to stimulate a higher minority influence on campus, specifically in the faculty. From the first section, Structure and Administration, the College vaguely recognizes past prejudices and notes “in recent years, the College has sought to be responsive to the correction of [racial] imbalances, and to do this through processes of change that are not seriously disruptive to the character, continuity, stability, and long-term strength” (I-1). The Affirmative Action papers are simultaneously righteous, traditional, and aggressively liberal. They focus on change in administrative, social, economic, and academic areas. For example, the papers appear to offer childbearing leave for both sexes, but actually counts it as personal leave. In another case, the College counted black women as “Minorities” not “Women” in an attempt to increase their minority count. In fact, almost half of the papers focus on the role of women at the College. The school seems to be attempting to welcome women and minorities such as by providing an orientation program, priority for College housing, and equal opportunity facilities. This document often proposes conflicting views on the topic of Affirmative Action, as is exemplified by this statement: “the College feels that minorities must not only find their employment acceptable, but [it is] important for them to feel integrated into the mainstream of life at the College. In the quest for a broadened diversity, we do not want to sacrifice—with either minorities or women—the goal of larger community.”


Office of the President, College of William and Mary


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Anissa Chams-Eddine and Gagan Jathoul, description
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