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The Legacy 3 stood outside the dorm building in which they had once resided, Jefferson Hall.

The Legacy 3 in front of Jefferson Hall, their residence for their first three years on campus. We interviewed the women about their experiences related to residential life and study spaces.

Taking candids of the Legacy 3 walking from Blow Hall to Wren.

Branch Out 2018

Branch Out Trip with the Lemon Project 2018.jpeg
All of the participants and the Legacy Three women pictured here

BOLP_Group Photo.JPG
Students interviewed the first African American women to reside on campus.

Lincoln's Job .pdf
Lincoln’s Job Half-Done…
When Lincoln freed the slaves, he undoubtedly hoped the Negroes would someday be accepted as equals by the other colors of people in this country. Today we find the Negroes released from formal bondage, but not…

800 Students Sign Poll

Approximately 800 students signed a statement of interest concerning the College's admissions policy which has been circulating around campus for about a week. In signing, the students expressed the opinion that the College…

Student, faculty, and administrative representatives from Virginia colleges will join forces with civil rights officers to regulate and evaluate Governor Linwood Holton’s statewide desegregation plan before its release in December
The committee…
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