Lincoln's Job Half-Done

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Lincoln's Job Half-Done


Lincoln’s Job Half-Done…
When Lincoln freed the slaves, he undoubtedly hoped the Negroes would someday be accepted as equals by the other colors of people in this country. Today we find the Negroes released from formal bondage, but not equalized.

Racial Intermarriage…
We believe and know that Negroes differ from other peoples only in surface characteristics; inherently all are the same. The Negroes should be recognized as equals in our minds and hearts. For us, this means that Negroes should attend William and Mary; they should go to our classes, participate in College functions, join the same clubs, be our roommates, pin the same classmates, and marry among us.
However, this cannot and should not be done today, or tomorrow-- but perhaps the next day. Neither they nor we are ready for it yet. Only chaos such as the Southern states experienced during the Reconstruction would result if such a plan were initiated before both Negroes and others were educated for it.

The One Human Family…
Through education we learn of the spread of early man to all corners of the globe. Those who settled nearer the equator, whether in Europe, Asia, or in the Americas, developed a darker skin color than those who settled north of them. People’s hair often remained the same over great areas. Europeans remained quite hairy, but body hair almost disappeared in some parts of the world. Blue eyes appeared in the north, and in Asia a fold of skin developed over the inner corner of the eye, forming a slant eye.

Northern Negroes And Southern Whites
There is little difference in the heights or head shapes; white, Negroes, Mongols, and all races have the same four blood types. Test show that Negroes in this country made a lower score than whites on intelligence tests; they also show that Northerners, black and white, had higher scores than Southerners, black and white, and that Northern Negroes had higher scores than Southern whites. The differences did not occur because people were from the North or the South, or because they were white or black, but because of differences in income, education, cultural advantages, and other opportunities. Equal opportunities must therefore be offered to all peoples in all sections of the country.

Prejudice, A Nazi Strategy
The most important work, however, must be done in educating ourselves away from the idea of White Supremacy, for this belief is as groundless as Hitler’s Nordic Supremacy nonsense. We are injuring our personalities with arrogance; we are blocking our own emotional growth. Not until we eliminate Nazi race tactics in our own everyday life can we hope for a victory which will bring peace for the universal Human race of the One World.
Do you really want peace? Is your conscience clear?


Swem Special Collections


February 7, 1945
Flat Hat Vol.34 No. 15


William and Mary Flat Hat


February 7, 1945


Devika Shankardass, metadata and transcription


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Swem Special Collections , “Lincoln's Job Half-Done ,” The Lemon Project, accessed September 15, 2019,

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