Are We Going Color Blind?

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Are We Going Color Blind?



No question of the present generation is of such vital importance to the white race, or so dependent upon education as a remedy as that of the amalgamation of the two races who have lived side by side in one country for the past three hundred years. Will the United States prove the single exception in the history of the world of two races living together without admixture of the two? Dr. W. A. Plecker, State Registrar of Vital Statistics of Virginia, thinks that such is impossible.

In the South, and especially in Virginia, we are brought face to face with the problem of race relations between the white and black races in a striking manner. Today Virginia has a negro population which makes up from 25 to 37 per cent of the total of the State. While this is somewhat lower than the negro population of most of our Southern States, it is a large enough per cent to present a problem of no little weight. The advent of higher education for the negro has magnified the problem to a great extent--a problem which will determine the future status of the North Americans of the future to no small degree. While it is true that the educated negro shows more pride in his race, we cannot overlook the teaching of social equality which can have but one ultimate result--inter-marriage--unless the whites of the country are taught the meaning and priceless heritage which they possess in a pure white race.

Nineteen States and the District of Columbia have turned a deaf ear to the appeal for the enaction of laws which would prohibit the inter-marriage of whites and blacks. They have, by their failure to act, sanctioned the teaching of equality which will result in the lowering of the higher race to the level of the lower, for such amalgamation can be nothing but a boiling pot which would reduce all to the same level.

The question is one to be considered by the college student of all sections. The preservation of the race will depend to a great extent upon us.


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The William and Mary Flat Hat


April 17, 1925


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