Time Will and Should Tell All: A Century of The William & Mary Flat Hat

Our exhibit, Time Will, and Should, Tell All: A Century of The William & Mary Flat Hat, explores the history of race relations, spanning from 1918 to the present, through the lens of education at the College. Our exhibit seeks to deconstruct harmful ideas about race, uncover hidden narratives and analyze the impact of activist and reactionist journalism of William & Mary’s student newspaper. Given the College’s history with segregation, few of the pieces we have included were written by African-American students. Nevertheless, as a group, we strived to complicate popular understanding of the College’s history by providing the journalistic perspectives on marginalized people, whose stories have been obscured.
Ari Weinberg
Ravynn Stringfield
Hannah Freeman
Rahul Truter
Ka'myia Gunn
Devika Shankardass
Ellie Dassler
Rachel Brown
Courtney Bishop
Marina Schlosser
Edward Fortunato
Dana Moore
Brendan Boylan