Social Spaces: Colonial Williamsburg

Legacy Three at Kimball Theater

The Legacy 3 used to spend time in Colonial Williamsburg during their College experience. They visited the Kimball Theater and watched movies like "Romeo Juliet" and "Easy Rider."

Much of the three women’s leisure time was spent on the peaceful paths of Colonial Williamsburg. They spent much time in the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center, tourist watching. During these visits,  they saw “Williamsburg: the Story of a Patriot,” the Colonial Williamsburg orientation movie, so many times that they memorized all of the dialogue. The film also has the distinction of being the longest-running motion picture in history, screening since 1957.

Ely, Brown Strafer, and Briley frequented the donut shop in Colonial Williamsburg after 8 a.m. classes. Other frequent stops included the post office, the A&P grocery store, and Christiana Campbell’s Tavern. At the Kimball Theater, Ely, Brown Strafer, and Briley went to see movies like “Easy Rider” and Franco Zeffirelli’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

Ely also recalls going to church during her William and Mary years. “I attended First Baptist church as well as the Presbyterian church on Jamestown Road because there was a line of people going into a church — I thought it was a restaurant. I had to go to see what was drawing people in,” she said. Ely, who sang on the women’s choir for two years, was drawn to the fact that the church played folk music.

Social Spaces: Colonial Williamsburg