Legacy 3 Interviews

Dublin Core


Legacy 3 Interviews


Oral History/Interviews with Karen Ely, Lynn Briley, and Janet Brown Strafer, the first three residential African American students.


Ravynn Stringfield


The Lemon Project Branch Out


January 13-15 2018


Katherine Webb,
Shivani Gupta,
Leonor Taylor Grave,
Ka'myia Gunn,
Angela Tiangio,
Zoe Mollencop,
Angela Rose West,
Claudia Segura,
Dana Moore,
Lydia Dolvin,
Ty'leik Brandon,
Marina Schlosser

Items in the Legacy 3 Interviews Collection

Lemon Project '18 Group Photo
Students interviewed the first African American women to reside on campus.

Branch Out with the Lemon Project 2018
All of the participants and the Legacy Three women pictured here

A Walk through the Past
Taking candids of the Legacy 3 walking from Blow Hall to Wren.

Legacy 3 in front of Jefferson
The Legacy 3 in front of Jefferson Hall, their residence for their first three years on campus. We interviewed the women about their experiences related to residential life and study spaces.

Legacy 3 Outside Jefferson Hall
The Legacy 3 stood outside the dorm building in which they had once resided, Jefferson Hall.

Legacy 3 Plaque
The Legacy 3 Plaque in the Lobby of Jefferson Hall